Season 1

Glacier National Park lake and mountains

(BONUS) The Newlywed

Wedding bells had barely stopped ringing by the time 21-year-old Jordan Graham pushed her husband of only eight days off of a cliff in Glacier National Park. The couple’s hike was meant to bring their budding marriage closer together but ended horrifically for Cody Johnson.

flowers in the Mojave Desert

The Photographer

A ruthless and tactical predator posing as a photographer in Los Angeles’s Westside lures young women to their deaths with promises of fame and fortune.

View of the Rocky Mountains with trees in the foreground

The Husband

Harold Henthorn loses his first wife in a tragic car accident on the side of a rural mountain road, and then his second wife falls off of a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park.

West Yellowstone with yellow vehicle

The Friend

In the 1990’s one of the most well-known and liked men in West Yellowstone, Montana became one of the most notorious names in western U.S. history. Larry Moore’s crime of murder reveals to authorities a seemingly endless pit of sociopathic mayhem brewing inside this wealthy businessman.

Chiricahua National Monument

The Unknown

National Park Service ranger Paul Fugate vanishes into the mountains of Chiricahua National Park in Arizona. What was supposed to be a routine patrol hike through the sacred monument grounds, turns into one of the largest and longest-running missing persons cases in National Park Service history.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The Volcano

The beauty of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is marred when beloved community figure Arman Johnson’s bullet-ridden body is found dumped on a trail. Few leads emerge and FBI agents are left to wonder if drug trade on Hawaii’s Big Island is to blame.

Banff National Park

The Passenger

In May 1990, the resort town of Banff, Alberta Canada was gearing up for a busy tourist season, but the horrific stabbing of a young female taxi driver brings everything to a screeching halt. The perpetrator remains on the loose for nearly two years.

Grand Teton National Park

The Survivalist

A man trying to pull off an intricate and complex double life in Idaho commits an unspeakable triple murder, then takes off into the wilderness of Grand Teton National Park. Investigators realize catching their killer will take outsmarting him in the vast forests and mountains he knows like the back of his hand.

Yosemite National Park feature

The Predator

In the winter and summer of 1999, a serial killer struck four times in the span of six months inside Yosemite National Park. His spree of brutal murders left FBI agents and local law enforcement searching for leads across the state of California.

Shenandoah National Park feature

The Hikers

The case of who murdered Julie Williams and Laura Winans at their campsite by a peaceful mountain stream inside Shenandoah National Park in 1996 still remains a mystery. The brutality of this couple’s slaying has baffled state and federal investigators for 24 years.