Season 4

Amazon Rainforest Map

The Amazon

A devoted conservationist and a journalist set off into the depths of the Amazon to report on corruption and criminal activity but are never seen alive again.

Crater Lake National Park

The Boys

In 2004, 9-year-old David Gonzales vanished from his mother’s sight in San Bernardino National Forest.

Lyle and Marie McCann

The Road Trip

In 2010 and elderly couple set out on a road trip across Canada only to have their travels and lives cut short by a ruthless killer.

Yosemite National Park

The Lens Cap

A teenage girl disappears while on a horseback riding trip in Yosemite National Park during the summer of 1981.

Ocala National Forest

The Pond

The brutal shooting deaths of two college students in a Florida forest in 2006 reveal a budding serial killer was on the loose for years before anyone stopped him.