Season 4

Rocky River Reservation

The Friends

When two friends sitting on a bench in an Ohio park are gunned down in cold blood, the investigators responsible for solving they murders are left dumbfounded.

Wild Park Nature Reserve

The Suspect

One of the worst crimes to consume British headlines in 1986 leads authorities on a search for a killer who was in the thick of a murder investigation the entire time.

Alpine National Park

The Pilot

When an elderly couple on a romantic camping trip in the bushland of Australia vanished from their burned-out campsite, authorities quickly identify a suspect.

Nahanni River

The Mine

At the dawn of the 20th century two brothers prospecting for gold hoped to find their fortune in the Northern region of Canada.

Langtang National Park Grid Map

The Mountains

A solo backpacking trip in Asia turns dark when a 23-year-old woman fails to return to her family in Colorado.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area Map (Formerly Platt National Park)

The Carnival

When a joyful festival rolled through a small Oklahoma town outside of Platt National Park in 1975, a young woman’s dead body was left in its wake.

Maquoketa Caves State Park

The Tent

When a family is slaughtered inside their tent at a popular Iowa park during the summer of 2022, news of the tragedy spreads far and wide.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

The Rampage

In the summer of 1989 a husband and wife on vacation at their favorite hiking spot in Wales fall victim to a vicious killer.

Pike-San Isabel National Forest

The Cyclist

In 2017, avid cyclist Tim Watkins was gunned down and buried in a shallow grave off a popular trail in Mount Herman, Colorado.

Royal National Park

The Body

When a family man is found alone, shot and beheaded in Australia’s Royal National Park in 1975, no one could fathom the brutality of the crime.