Season Three

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Season 3 Episodes

Rocky Mountain National Park

In the summer of 1958 a ten-year-old boy vanished from a Catholic church camp in Rocky Mountain National Park. The mystery surrounding what happened to him seemed straight forward, until horrific secrets of the camp he loved surface and sent investigators into an entirely new direction.


Acadia National Park may exist on an island but in the late 1970’s a human predator showed up there and started hunting.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

In 2012 the disappearance of a young man working in the trucking and oil industry of North Dakota raised alarm for citizens…but the saga of events and murder-for-hire plots that followed left everyone in this portion of the badlands baffled and bewildered.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Sign

In 2015, when a young man shows up dead in a doorway of a historic church in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, rumors about who stabbed him to death run rampant in communities surrounding Cherokee, North Carolina.

Pisgah Inn

In 2018, two seasonal workers at an inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia set out on a hike and only one returned alive. The reality of who was behind the demise of Sara Ellis is incomprehensible and to this day remains a horrific case for investigators and the victims’ family to relive.

Mount Ranier

On New Year’s Day in 2012 park ranger Margaret Anderson encountered a violent man on an icy roadway in Mount Rainier National Park.

Delia holding a map

Delia D’Ambra – Host

Delia D’Ambra is an investigative journalist from North Carolina who started her career in journalism in 2014. She has worked in both the broadcast news industry and is currently a producer and host for audiochuck. Delia specializes in re-investigating cold case homicides and unsolved crimes. She is an outdoors enthusiast and is currently on a mission to visit every national park in North America.