Season 3

Virunga National Park Boundary

(BONUS) The Congo

An attempted assassination of the warden of Africa’s oldest national park reveals to the world the dangers and violence lurking inside one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

Belanglo State Forest

The Backpackers

A vicious serial killer terrorized and hunted young backpackers in Australia’s Belanglo State Forest in the early 1990’s. The impact of his heinous crimes still resonates with residents to this day. How he committed his crimes made even the most seasoned investigators shudder and the true number of victims he’s suspected of murdering may never be known.

Athabasca Lookout

The Tower

An elderly woman working alone high up in a fire-spotting tower in the Canadian wilderness disappears while on-duty. Evidence at the scene points to foul play but police investigators remain baffled as to who climbed the tower to get her and why?

Joshua Tree National Park

The Child

When a toddler vanishes from a campground in Joshua Tree National Park, her name becomes a national headline overnight. The decades-long investigation to determine what happened to her leads authorities in many directions and a father to the brink of his sanity.

Michaux State Forest Map Sketch

The Survivor

When two women are viciously gunned down in a Pennsylvania state forest, authorities are left chasing a man who knows the mountains like the back of his hand.

Glacier National Park

The Woods

Two young girls vanish into thin air along the boundary of Glacier National Park in Montana. Their disappearance plagues a small Montana community for years, until a ruthless predator strikes again, leading authorities to the doorstep of a sadistic man who claimed to have no memory of his horrific deeds.

Riding Mountain National Park

The Journal

A Canadian park ranger and his wife are gunned down inside their cabin in Riding Mountain National Park. For 90 years the suspect has eluded Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigators.

Appalachian Trail

The Shelter

When two young lovers are found brutally murdered in a designated park shelter on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, authorities work quickly to capture their killer.

Yellowstone National Park Sign

The Antlers

In 1991, a Montana man and his beloved dog failed to return from a 4-day hike searching for shed elk antlers in Yellowstone National Park. Questions surrounding what happened to them range from accident to animal attack to murder and the truth of what really happened to Daniel Campbell remains hidden even three decades later.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Camp

In the summer of 1958 a ten-year-old boy vanished from a Catholic church camp in Rocky Mountain National Park. The mystery surrounding what happened to him seemed straight forward, until horrific secrets of the camp he loved surface and sent investigators into an entirely new direction.